The Varig Brazil Virtual born with a new flight simulation philosophy, with several options in fleet and routes for all kind of pilots. We'll provide many events and tours to expand our VA by the entire world. It's a plaisure have you on board. Be welcome and great flights for all.

"Flying is more than simply floating over the skies ... Flying is feeling a lightness of life, a softness of the breeze, the value of freedom, the brilliance of magic. To fly is to go beyond ... To fly is to open like wings of the soul, to activate the motors of the heart, to navigate with the intuition and courage towards the love within itself, unveiling the true essence that you are."

by Jackeline Gadotti


204 pilots

141 aircrafts

407 routes

23527 flights

45886 hours

0 flights today


Join Date Callsign Name Location
30/11/22VRG0205ALLAN O.BrazilBrazil
27/11/22VRG0204Maurilo E.BrazilBrazil
25/11/22VRG0203Victor M.BrazilBrazil
19/11/22VRG0202Caio S.BrazilBrazil
13/11/22VRG0201FABRICIO F.BrazilBrazil
27/10/22VRG0199Andre O.BrazilBrazil
27/10/22VRG0198Rapharl S.BrazilBrazil
24/10/22VRG0197Arthur Mariano L.BrazilBrazil
23/10/22VRG0196Eduardo R.BrazilBrazil
11/10/22VRG0195Rafael N.BrazilBrazil


Date Flight Pilot Dep Arr Acft
17/11/2022VRG9025Arthur B.SBRJSBVTBoeing 737-6
14/11/2022VRG2156Eduardo R.SBGRSBGLBoeing 737-8
12/11/2022VRG9024Arthur B.SBCTSBRJBoeing 737-6
10/11/2022VRG9023Arthur B.SBPASBCTBoeing 737-6
30/10/2022VRG9003Moacir Antônio G.SBGOSBULBoeing 737-8
30/10/2022VRG9002Moacir Antônio G.SBBRSBGOBoeing 737-8
23/10/2022VRG9020Milck Q.SBFZSBSGBoeing 737-7
14/10/2022VRG2157Rafael N.SBGLSBGRBoeing 737-8
14/10/2022VRG9015Milck Q.SABESBGRBoeing 737-8
14/10/2022VRG9018Arthur B.SBGRSBFLBoeing 737-6


Fábio M.

IVAO ID: 424493

Davi Jr.

IVAO ID: 440052

Alexandre C.

IVAO ID: 225024