• The admission to the list of pilots will be by indication, and will be analyzed by the staff members.
  • Only for pilots over 16 years old, exceptions will be treated individually;
  • Pilots without a valid IVAO or Vatsim ID will not be accepted;
  • Staff members from other VAs will not be accepted;
  • Operation in Homonymous VAs is prohibited;



  • Only online flights in IVAO or Vatsim will be accepted;
  • Mandatory use of TS3 during flight duration, failure to use this tool may result in flight rejection;
  • At least, perform 4 flights in the current month;
  • Mandatory remark in flight plans using the example below, replacing XXXX with your ID: OPR/VARIG BRASIL VIRTUAL / PICXXXX
  • Maximum landing rate accepted for PIREP approval is -500 ft/min;
  • Manual Pireps can only be sent with the permission of a staff member;
  • Only flights will be accepted by the VA with the aircraft available in the fleet, respecting its location, and in case of charter flight selecting the aircraft in the corresponding field;
  • The pilot of this VA may only use the VRG code in the online flight networks on flights by the company, being strictly prohibited the use on private flights.
  • Disobedience to rules or the determinations of member staff may cause warning or dismissal of the company's list of pilots;
  • The pilots of Varig Brasil Virtual must always act in accordance with the rules of the company and the online network, acting with cordiality and respect;
  • The rules can be changed at any time without notice, check periodically to keep up with the latest updates;



Portuguese / English




Student Hours 0 to 20 - Fleet:

A319;A320;ATR72;B732;B733;B734;B735;B737;B738;BE33;C172;C182;C208B;C90;E110;E120;E50P;ERJ135; ERJ145;PA18;PA24;PA28;PA31.


Co-pilot Hours from 20 to 100 - Fleet:

A319;A320;ATR72;B732;B733;B734;B734F;B735;B737;B738;BE33;C172;C182;C208B;C90;E110;E120;E50P;ERJ135; ERJ145;PA18;PA24;PA28;PA31.


First Officer Hours from 100 to 200 -Fleet:
A319;A320;A321;A333; A346;ATR72;B732;B733;B734;B734F;B735;B737;B738;BE33;C172;C182;C208B;C90;E110;E120;E50P;E175;E195;ERJ135; ERJ145;PA18;PA24;PA28;PA31.


Captain Hours from 200 to 400 - Fleet:

A319;A320;A321;A333; A346;A359;ATR72;B732;B733;B734;B734F;B735;B737;B738;BE33;C172;C182;C208B;C90;E110;E120;E50P;E175;E195;ERJ135; ERJ145;PA18;PA24;PA28;PA31;B757;B757F;B763;DC10;DC10F;B721;B721F;B727F;B743.


Senior Captain Hours from 400 to 1000 - Fleet:

A319;A320;A321;A333; A346;A359;A388;ATR72;B732;B733;B734;B734F;B735;B737;B738;BE33;C172;C182;C208B;C90;E110;E120;E50P;E175;E195;ERJ135; ERJ145;PA18;PA24;PA28;PA31;B757;B757F;B763;DC10;DC10F;B721;B721F;B727F;MD-11;MD-11F;B777;B707;744.


Flight Instructor Hours from 1000 to 999999 - Fleet:

A319;A320;A321;A333; A346;A359;A388;ATR72;B732;B733;B734;B734F;B735;B737;B738;BE33;C172;C182;C208B;C90;E110;E120;E50P;E175;E195;ERJ135; ERJ145;PA18;PA24;PA28;PA31;B757;B757F;B763;DC10;DC10F;B721;B721F;B727F;MD-11;B777;B707;B744


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